Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Architecture of Lust

A girl in Berlin stumbled accross a designer on day last July, while making her way to dance class through Mitte. The designer was Marlies Dekkers, the girl was me, and the love was true and star-crossed. I mention my obsession because Marlies Dekkers's stores hold their bi-annual sale starting Jan. 2nd, and perhaps someone more fortunate than broke me will profit from this. They've got no boutique in New York (well, good for them.) There is one in Bangkok, and when I go there in just under a month I may look in...

I'll throw no more empty words at you until I've embedded the visual feast: and Prudes Beware...this is a lingerie fashion show, after all.

And the year before...

I like her insistence on clean geometry, angles, against lady-curves. I like her sense of humor - the double-gartered stockings. I like how well her stuff fits me. I like her riffs - this past summer was japanese rope bondage, and her current winter collection has fun with adam & eve.

Why, Marlies? Why did you get it so right, when so many other lingerie 'designers' get it so wrong? You make the simplest straps and lines such revelations - simply by venturing beyond the narrow, narrow palatte of the undergarment shapes we're taught to expect. But arousal comes from surprise, and fascination, and I think Frau Dekkers appeals to the intellect as much as to the blood...and that's what gets us going: the puzzle of the human body.

(The climate in the city: large lazy snowflakes just gave way to sun.)
UP NEXT: How Brecht's Epic Theater anticipates and lauds the hyperlink...

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