Thursday, April 2, 2009

Starving Artist Refuses to Eat Her Words

No, non and nay, I will not follow any other career: I can't anyway, it's too ingrained, I have to give it a bloody shot. The splendid theater designer Anya Klepikov likes to greet me by exclaiming how crazy she is to be in this arts business, and how crazy I am to follow her - but I remind her that we haven't got a choice in the matter. Tasting this, we can do no other. (Adrenaline junkies!)

I should do a post on Anya. You should know more about her.

I find myself hungry for better art job resources. So many of the American searches require paid membership, passwords, payment for journals...and the omnipresent Craigslist only features links for Film and TV on the one hand, Writing on the other, and Visual Arts/Graphic design on the third hand.

On the forth hand, the New York Times does not even link to its own dance section on its front page. The performing arts continue to be the black sheep of the "real" world. On the fifth hand, it's such a lark to point out to the "real" world how theatrical and fabricated its very existence remains.

The fun of the performing arts job search lies in its scavenger-hunt, Sherlock-and-Watson, wandering-gypsy feel. The kick in the face comes when all of the aforementioned show no promise of turning up anything but more dead ends.

Even a Starving Artist has got to eat. But then again, that's what part time jobs tutoring or bartending are for.

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